What is an "Energy Activation?"  


Imagine a castle, protected by a large sleeping dog.   All day long, people come and go, come and go.   He sleeps.   He KNOWS them.  To him, they are "safe."  He sleeps.   Suddenly the sleeping dog AWAKES.   There is a "stranger" in the house.   This is a SMELL unlike any smell he knows, even among normal enemies.  He watches,  sniffs the air, and begins to howl.  

This is an "energy activation."   On both sides of the Veil, in the world of Form, and in the Void, there is terrible unrest.   Both sides are TERRIFIED.   The watchdogs are barking, and security guards are preparing to shoot....anyone who comes down the hall.

The World of Form (the language of the physical senses) is becoming a BLUR.   People feel "fuzzy"---it is hard to focus.   Did you sometimes hear a ringing in your ears?  The entire planet, in the "feminine" side of our nature, is regularly receiving FAXES from All That Is.   Certain codes, symbols, and data are continually being DOWNLOADED into that "side" of all our consciousness.  

With this "new data," the Goddess Energy will be able to, finally, communicate with the Inner Male.   If you look all around you, everywhere in your universe, you will see the symbols of women (or feminine) energy....finally saying:  "I think I'm actually beginning to UNDERSTAND him."   It is NOT a "mental" comprehension.   But it sure means a heck of a lot to Her!

These symbols are "bridge concepts" that link to both sides of the brain.  If you like, they are a "new language" which will signal the dawn of a new level of partnership between the Archetypal "He" and "She."   Some of you already know that, for many months now, there has been re-wiring going on in the human form.  One of the primary "operations" was.....the re-routing of the "thinking" process from the BRAIN to the HEART CHAKRA. 

From now on, the whole perceptual mechanism will begin and end in the HEART CENTER.   In a few short years, the anatomy books we have come to know and love will be FORGOTTEN.  They will be replaced by tactile 'scan" techniques designed to assess the vibrational "pitch" of an energy center....anywhere in the physical form.  By turning a chakra "wheel," a physician/healer will be able to TUNE that "pitch" to whatever frequency is most harmonious with that lifeform for that period of time.  Health or "dis-ease" will be determined by the level of balance that exists between this life form and the rest of his/her "reality base" (and there are many).

Intra-dimensional travel will become a "prescription drug"....a "furlough" from one's "home channel" on the vibrational "TV set"....allowing for a needed variance...and repair and re-alignment of damaged "patterns" in our very holographic form.

The BRAIN, in a balanced universe, is not used for THINKING or DELIBERATING POSSIBLE OUTCOMES.   It is merely a "mail station"....designed to deliver "intra-company memos" to the various departments of our anatomical corporate system.  When this universe tilted, heavily, toward the Male Dominance Paradigm---the "mail clerk" decided to start opening the mail....and pretend that he runs the company.   Pretending is all that "mail clerk" could ever do.

The brain could NEVER function fast enough to operate a universe which modulates above the level of physical matter.   That is why we have been STUCK HERE.   Ever try to meditate?  What happens to your mind?  Do you have "monkey brain?"  Do you have ceaseless mental "chatter" that keeps you from FLYING?   That is the inevitable results of the workings of  brain dominance.

The Heart Center does not PROCESS.   It "pulses."   To run your life from your HEART instead of your brain....is the difference between writing long-hand....and using shorthand.   In shorthand, ONE SYMBOL can stand for an entire sentence.   The HEART knows this....the brain....does not.  

The brain SEPARATES reality...and helps you to focus on individual component parts of something.  The newly opened HEART CHAKRA will actually BLEND reality back into one continuous sheet of "Is-ness"---and all internal communication will be achieved simultanously through vibratory WAVES of "knowingness"....that go out in all directions at once.  This is the way Dolphins and Whales communicate....uniting themselves with each other via the common conductor of the Water. 

To Dolphins and Whales, there is NO DIFFERENCE between themselves and the water.  This is true of INFANTS as well.   They do not perceive their environment as "separate" from themselves.  Neither shall we.  It has all been illusion.  And that illusion is passing. 

Recently, there was a contract formed between the Archetypal God and Goddess for this universe.  Each "side" of the Veil (yes, a Veil does cover Her face) asked for a wedding present.  From Her, the Archetypal Male requested the gift of Her TRUST.  It's all he ever wanted.  "Come into my house," says He.  By this He means to COME INTO FORM.   The greatest act of trust for the DARK SIDE...(the World of the Unseen) is to BECOME VISIBLE.....turn off your "cloaking device."   The Internal Feminine IS the embodiment of the "dark side" of the yin/yang symbol.

All over this universe, therefore, you will begin to see embodiments of the World of the Unseen, the Magical, the Fantastic.  The Goddess has rule over such, they come always at her bidding.  In comes our psychic and spiritual awareness, in come our memories, and knowledge of unknown mysteries....held captive for oh, too many centuries.  In come our feelings.....locked in a dungeon....buried deep down inside.

From Him, the Archetypal Female requested the gift of His MIND.   That was the "ringing" we all got to hear.  She did not ask for this "mind" so she could control him.   She only asks for stewardship of it.....so he would, never again, abuse it....and let it control Him.  It's like the sherriff who confronts a homicidal maniac and asks for his gun.  "Here," he says.  "Let ME hold onto this for you......"

These issues are NOT gender issues.   We are speaking here of POLARITY.....and, in every human form (regardless of gender), there dwells both a God AND a Goddess.

Have you been feeling, lately, like you are "going out of your mind?"  Have your nerves been RAW.....have your emotions been jangled and on edge?   Well, relax.....we ARE going out of our mind......and guess what?  We now can truly discover our HEART.  


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