What's in a Name?   Do CNE's like to be put in Boxes?

At present, there are a whole host of names that are being applied to Children of the New Earth (CNE's).  There are Indigos, who seem to be systems busters and questioners of authority--and there are Crystals, who are very sensitive, and aligned with the Earth Mother.  There are Psychic or Mystic Children, whose gifts and emphases center in the special powers they carry, and there are classic Star Children, whose gift is an expanded perspective on life and reality.  As our heading says:  "They have their Father's eyes."   Some children cycle through ALL of these various traits and characteristics as part of one, unified, life process.  Each person's life itinerary is unique. Most New Kids abhor being put in boxes, but most New Kid Parents find it very helpful!  

Newer subsets coming online now include Rainbow Children, Dolphin Children, Amethyst Children, The Children of Now, and a whole host of others as well.  They all seem to dip from a similar well--which is the incoming vibration of the Cosmic Christ, which began to proliferate at the Harmonic Concordance last November.  When we use the term "Christ" are not just speaking here of the man Jesus.  We speak more of the "anointed one" essence he carried on his own earthly journey.  He said it would come upon us too, and it is doing just that.  Our children are the ones who seem to be most open to receive it, and begin The Great Work.  But anyone who hears the call can answer, regardless of his or her age. 



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