(a.k.a "The Recons")

They are a Soul Group of Spiritual Teachers and Guides, channeled by Daniel Jacob.

Early in 1991, I was inspired to travel to New Mexico for a 5-day time away. I had received an inner message that certain "extraterrestrial energies" wished to communicate with me...so I went. When I arrived, I rented a car and began driving across a beautiful painted desert towards the small town of Zuni. I used a pocket tape recorder to save ideas and feelings that began flashing through me at what seemed like lightning speed. Some of those ideas crystallized into written material, which I saved in outline form.

I didn't see any flying saucers, nor was I picked up by an alien craft. However, I was deeply moved by what I saw and felt there. I learned that "inspiration" does not have to be a scary experience. I also learned that everything takes time to come to its fruition, because Spirit is ever so careful to not give any of us more than we can handle at any one time.

Later that year, I was doing some light-trance hypnotic exploration with a friend of mine, when I took a turn at verbal channeling. On one powerful afternoon, I began to speak from a group of energies that seemed very, very familiar and comfortable to me. That afternoon was the beginning of my conscious relationship with "The Reconnections".....who began our journey together by describing themselves as "all those parts of your Expanded Self that I had to forget about in order to become human."

After this first session, many new ideas were poured into my brain. I became aware that I was being "downloaded" with what felt like waves of emotion. In the shower, taking out the trash, before drifting off to sleep at night---I would realize diverse bits of "knowingness"---ideas that had spiritual substance but no form.

On 11/11/91, I sat down at about 5:30am to pen my first "transmission"...a little piece called "AIDS and Planetary Healing." When I completed this work, I knew that something *very special* had begun.

I purchased a laptop computer, and began to record many such transmissions from The Reconnections. They cover a huge spectrum of topics, mostly majoring in areas of Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Transmutation, as well as blueprints for Multidimensional living.

Over the next 11 months, I called together a group of people, who I trusted to give me accurate and honest input. We met for most of 1992, hammering out the details of these incredible "new" concepts that none of us had ever heard before. I have since made it a point to gather folks wherever I go to give honest feedback and ask questions about these new precepts. 

This shift we are making is unlike any other in history. We are not merely transforming. We are *Transmutating*which speaks to the idea of becoming something else altogether.

Each person's Reconnections are different. The personalities of Teaching Guides end up to be quite irrelevant in the long run. Still, they often enjoy sharing a bit of their old "selves," as do each of us. Each person will attract to him or herself the exact beings or groups of beings that are needed for the efficient and timely unfoldment of power that is planned. We have the right to listen to them or disregard them, just as we often do with counsel that is given to us in physical space. In truth, the only difference between physical and spiritual teachers is the density of vibration from which they speak. Everything and everyone is *real,* everywhere they appear. However, they may not all have the same density.

The types of Reconnections I draw to myself will be congruent with the types of energy I need to comfortably integrate the next bits of information or abilities that I require in order to grow and develop. All highly evolved Guides, however, will clearly emphasize that everything and everyone is part of the same one person/thing......and we all are quite connected within that level of self. We are all equals here.

The Reconnections are a Soul Group, made up of many soul fragments, who come and go in our studies, as needed.  They describe themselves as "all those parts of the Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human."  

The Host Guide into the Reconnections System is a Magus named BELTSHAZZAR, who is one of the founders of Ancient Alchemy.  One of his Earth embodiments is/was Napolean.  His symbol is the Bald Eagle.  His name was given to the Prophet Daniel (in the Bible)...........by King Nebuchaddnezer, as a nickname.........because of Daniel's ability to interpret dreams.  "Belt" (as we lovingly call him) was known as the Father of Magicians. 

Another powerful contributing force to the material is a playful old rascal, named CARION, who is one of the Masters of the Physical Transmutation.  His symbol on the Earth plane is a Crow, Raven, or Blackbird.  Another of his symbols is the "Jester" or "Fool."  His focus is helping humanity understand the disintegration process that must occur before any type of transformation can happen.  As the Sufis say:  "You must die before you die."  Carion (he spells his name with one "r," instead of two) believes that dying is unnecessary, but disintegration is a total groove!   He says that the only way to get through these physical changes is through abundant laughter and word play.  He loves word play.  In one session, he told us that he hopes to start his own business soon.  He wants to call it "Word Play Discorporated."  

Carion loves to watch over individuals as they "fall apart," so he can witness and support their process of recreating themselves, over and over.  He says that the process of rebirth is inseparably bound to the process of death, and one cannot happen without the other.  

"The pain now is part of the happiness then. That's the deal."   -C.S. Lewis  "Surprised by Joy"

There are many other energies in the Reconnections as well, revealing themselves as the timing seems right.   Keep tuned to this page for updates, or watch for a Sector that will explore the energy of the Reconnections in more detail.      


Daniel Jacob.

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