"The World Within"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


Now is a great time to get back to "basics" in our Spiritual Journey.  The energies are on the move, and most of us are finding that we have little extra time, focus, or stamina to pursue things which are not vitally related to this awesome transition we are making, returning home to our former status as Citizens of the Multiverse.

I can still remember smiling when I read the opening credits for the "X-Files" TV Show:  "The truth is out there."  It was totally in tune with the theme of the show---namely, that there is a select group of people "out there" who are running this world, and we are all the (semi) prisoners of their designs and schemes.  I say "semi" because it always bolstered my spirits to know that Scully and Mulder were hot on "their" trail, ready to step in if our taskmasters got too cruel.  And the "smoking man".......what a turnaround from the advertising of the 1950s, when I was growing up!  Back then, it was cool to smoke (or should I say Kool?).  But times have changed, and now the Marlboro Man drags around an oxygen canister, to minister to his breathing needs, aggravated by his gradually-worsening Emphysema.

I title this article "The World Within," not to be confused with the usual "inside/outside" dichotomy, where some people and things are considered "real" (i.e. physical) and some are considered to be "imaginary," because they seem intangible.  In MY usage of the term, I am speaking about those people, places, objects, and ideas which are embraced AS SELF......and are considered to be WITHIN the boundaries which incur the status of being declared "Parts of ME." 

If we allocate our reality in this way, we will find that some elements which are quite tangible (touchable) are still held "at a distance," while other, less tangible elements get totally assimilated without a second thought.  So the world of our perception has already begun to de-densify.......and the mixing and mingling of "spirits" and "solids" have clearly managed to infiltrate our value systems, whether or not we knew it had happened. 


I have already mentioned in several articles that the terms "dark" and "light" have been reformed and re-defined since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  No longer are they synonymous with "evil" and "good" (respectively).  In some articles, they correspond to the "unconscious" and "conscious" mind.......and in others they stand for "separated" and "reconnected" aspects of the Oneself of All That Is.....those who are asleep in separation (in the dark), and those who have been awakened (to the light).  Either way, there is no harm, no foul.  Each creator of a universe has a definite itinerary and course of study in mind.  To follow one's course of study, he or she must "go to sleep" in Separation (Physical Form), uniting with other "fragments of self," acting out a kind of movie which embodies certain ideas and themes to be explored.  It's all in good fun.  Cinema Multiplex!      

There was a time when "within" and "without" were correspondent to "dark/light," but no more.  Anyone who is seriously studying the Great Shift of Planet Earth during this powerful time would probably agree that BOTH sides of the Veil contain "dark/light" elements, and their identification and interpretation rests largely in the eye of the beholder.

In the article "A Conspiracy of One," I try to introduce, from the Reconnections, an antidote for "X-Files" Fever.  I declare that YES, there is a conspiracy.  YES, it is now underway and still vital and healthy.  And then I also add that this "conspiracy" is something I am doing TO MYSELF.  In other words, if there is an "evil taskmaster" in my life, he is ME.  If and when I am ready to fully come to terms with that, the "chains" which bind me start to fall away.  But as the awakening occurs, my change of perspective HAS TO BE more than mere intellectual assent. The belief has to become imbedded deep enough in the psyche that an EMOTIONAL SHIFT occurs as well.  Only THEN will the benefits of this "medicine" begin to take effect.                    


Speaking of emotion, the Great Laboratory of Emotional Transformation makes it's home in Human Relationship, especially in the realm of Sexuality.  Because time is of the essence, and a whole new "wave" of awakening souls are coming conscious, the Reconnections are taking us through the Spirituality, Sex, and Relationship Sectors once again, with new flavor.  If this is of interest to you, check out the new links that are labeled "Reconnected Relationships" and "Reconnected Sexuality."  They take the whole subject to a new level.  I'm having a marvelous time with them at present.

Several years ago, I met a Star Kid who informed me that he had been having "internalized" relationships with famous singing and movie stars for several years.  He said they all met in a Holographic Environment (what those in the Matrix Movies might refer to as a "construct").... and he experienced full-on Soul Connections with them.  Under usual conditions, I might have written these claims off as mere flights of fancy, except for the fact that there was never any mention of intensive sexual components to the encounters.  Though this young man seemed sexually aware and awake in his 3D journey, his 5D Encounters focused entirely on Soul Connections and Spiritual Growth. 

Since the time of those original conversations, and up to present time, I have encountered MANY Meta-Humans who are able to attain this same type of "merge" state, mostly in 5D and beyond.  Remembering the cover phrase of an old Elvis Presley album ("50,000,000 Fans Can't be Wrong"), I decided to study the matter further.  Upon first examination, I noticed that the Reconnections had made some mention of this "connection" process in their transmission entitled "Building Astral Bridges."  And indeed, they affirmed heartily that it IS possible for 3D folks to form 5D relationships with folks all up and down the experience spectrum, provided that both souls have formed a "soul contract" to do so. Knowing that our 3D "costume" is but a fraction of who we each are, I have no trouble believing that this young man--or any person, for that matter---can intentionally create an "alternative life" experience with someone who they need to meet, or who they feel might benefit from the collaboration.

Luke and Obi-Wan Communing After Death

Since the foundation of our Reconnections "Dream Team," an internal "Healing Squad" of individuals who are adept Dream Walkers and Dream Healers, I have been hearing amazing stories about Group Meetings convening in the ethers---where round tables are being conducted, and techniques for growth are being shared.  And I am more convinced than ever that the "World Within" not only has viability, but its power can often trump the power of "physicality" several fold. 


There are many of us who, at some time or other, will find ourselves pining away for a love connection that feels 100% RIGHT inside us, but never seems to come together on the outside (in physical form).  Many of us want to know WHY it always appears that love (the kind we read about in books) lands "just next door" from us, but never quite visits OUR HOUSE for any length of time. 

The first approach which is made by The Reconnections around this subject is to explain the "new" purpose of 3D reality, during this powerful Transformation Time on Planet Earth.  Because of its density and its unwieldiness, 3D reality is being reserved primarily for processing and studying those issues and themes with which we are having some DIFFICULTY.  Other types of interactions (things we can assimilate readily) are already dancing happily in realities which are less dense, and all we need to do is go inside (through the Gateways of Imagination) to access them.  The Guides constantly underscore that Imagination is REAL, and it serves as a kind of "buffer zone" between 3D reality and the Expanded Realms. 

At this point, it is also helpful to re-read about Neo-Shamans and Cat People Analogies, because many of us have not yet fully dealt with the RAW POWER that is building inside us---a certain radiance which could unravel anyone who has not consciously entered the Process of Transmutation.

We don't find ourselves "flying solo" because we're unloving or unlovable!  In truth, the situation is JUST THE OPPOSITE!  The Way of Oneness is the Love Embrace to end all Love Embraces. It carries with it an ability for getting so close to those around you that you are forced to give them “extra space” so they won’t FALL INTO YOU and get lost. Oneness Folks are among the most loving and passionate beings on Earth. They are also some of the most abused, neglected, ridiculed, and exquisitely talented people you could ever meet. I can sense a Oneness Person a mile away.

From our earliest days, the world has nudged us, programmed us, and purposefully influenced us………to believe that we are naturally unloving and/or unlovable. Many of us felt like aliens in our own families and schools. And if that doesn’t work, then we choose lovers and mates who die or depart long before we are ready for them to do so. Thus, we become accustomed, early in life, to being alone. Alone is the contracted way of saying it. ALL ONE is the expanded meaning.  

This all could be quite depressing, except for the fact that deep inside us…….we have the capacity to connect with others (in physical and in spirit form as well) with such power and intensity that we NEED to be held back a bit so we don’t burn ourselves or others up before our appointed time.


Learning How to Believe....

When I share this info, with individuals or groups, I am often greeted by incredulous stares. Some folks wonder if I’ve lost my mind. For their whole lives they believed they were defective, and now I come along and tell them they’re not only adequate, but they’re actually energy superstars. Fortunately, in every group there are those who have already grappled with this knowledge, within themselves, and arrived at a similar conclusion. It is usually their endorsement of the idea that gets those incredulous folks to listen.

Oneness Folks have a natural “urge to merge”…...which means we tend to identify deeply with the feelings and needs of others, especially those we love. We are usually empaths, and our caring levels can be so high and powerful that it becomes easy to understand why they need to be dialed back, early in life, so we could remain among humans and not blow up the place.

There are ONENESS WAYS of loving.  They are fascinating to explore.  But first, it’s necessary to truly grapple with the idea that we aren’t “wired’ the same as those people we envy next door. And once we truly understand how we’re wired, we wouldn’t want to be, either.


The belief that everything and everyone is part of the same ONE SELF opens the door to a whole new way of being.  If the idea truly has merit, then ALL loving truly begins with an uncompromising Love of Self.  What trips a person up, sometimes, is a lack of comprehension of how vast and unfathomable that "Self" is!   We want so much to give ourselves completely to SOMETHING or SOMEONE that we forget we are EVERYTHING and EVERYONE already.  And this is where "Waking from the Dream" becomes a mandate. 

We don't become One WITH a person.  We become One AS that person.  The image of living in a separate body, in a separate world, eventually has to be smashed.  Otherwise, we will forever be like orphans, with our faces pressed up against the windows of life.  Forever lonely, forever blocked from attaining that Oneself Merge.  The experience of APPEARING to have a separate body gives us a sense of perspective, through which we can perceive "other" people and things.  But it is optical illusion, that's all. 

We commune with the world "outside" as closely and passionate as we can.  That's a given.  That's easy.  And then, when the appearance of a "block" comes up, between us........we go INSIDE.......to continue the communion.  We pass through the Gateway of our Imagination (which is real, by the way)......and we deepen our communion, even while we deeper our belief that these OTHER REALMS ARE ALSO REAL.


Imaginary Lovers

I once saw a clip of Atlanta Rhythm Section playing this song in concert (a snappy tune), with the lead singer giving an intro for it that went:  "This next song is dedicated to Pee Wee Herman."  I smiled, but I also felt that the reference was unfortunate.  In that moment, he labeled anyone who goes "inward" for perfect love to be a pervert or a clown.   

Though it's true that there are people who spend their 3D love lives locked in prison cells of isolation, shame, or secrecy---using Imagination as an escape rather than a springboard to expanded reality---I happen to feel that the words of this song are incredibly right on in many ways.  There IS a World Inside.  And it IS real!!!   

So......in essence.......the Inner and Outer worlds are choreographed, like a dance number.  They are a succession of slow dances, punctuated by an occasional jitterbug, break-dance, or swing.  Sometimes the dancers move close, close together, even to the point of MERGE....and then they swing back out, doing their individual "things" in separate space.


There is more to be developed in this area of human dynamics.  Each of us as both a physical and etheric interface.  When one "level" of interaction doesn't work, we DO have other options.........INNER OPTIONS.  It may be that the "work" that is done around this topic will be done by those who have been excluded from the distraction of the struggle to find "Mr. Perfect" or "Ms. Right."  Have been alien-ated, early in life, they would be OPEN to contacts on other planes of reality, to other levels of SENSING..........


From the Motion Picture "Powder"         



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