By Daniel Jacob


Those who cannot live or move from a place compassion, sense, and sensibility exist now to awaken those who can.  They are alarm clocks for humanity. 

Wake up, world!  It's time to wake up! 

Extremes, when expressed in any area of life will naturally call forth their opposites, in order to bring balance to the equation.  That is the nature of the Reconnection Universe.  Those who are reading this piece at this moment have found their way here.  What you do with this information (and what it does to you in turn) will be a product of your own choosing and design.  

In the Book of Genesis of the Bible, God looked upon His Creation and said:   "It is good."   Not long after that, evil appeared on the scene.  It did so by divine invocation, and conscious design.  To take delight in one "child" of creation is to automatically resurrect its brother to say:  "Hey!  What About Me?"  After all, 3D is about duality, is it not?  Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Israel and Ishmael.   

Most who know the Story of Abraham, out of which the Middle East conflict flows, can recognize the "What About Me?" question in everything that is going on at this time.  The children of Abraham are having a battle over the reading of their father's will, and the rest of the world is helping with the probate process.  Certain forces (which wish to remain nameless) are aligning with one side or the other, so that  "War by Proxy" can be played out in the Holy Land.........(or should I say "Wholly Land," since the issues at the center of these conflicts belong to all).  But really, friends, ALL war is "by proxy," since everyone who sees the carnage must own it, as part of our Shadow Work, or it continues to metastasize throughout the Planetary Body until we do.   


In their transmission entitled "Beyond Human Boundaries," the Reconnections explained clearly the reasons for the civil and political upheavals that are happening, in key places around the world.  In one important passage, they stated: 

"We have spoken to you, in our Trans-Portals series, about this process known as "Phase Shifting." This is the gradual integration of divine and human consciousness---wherein human beings change places (and viewpoints) with Gods, Goddesses, Archetypes, Extraterrestrials, Elementals, and many divergent types of consciousness. Expanding, contracting.......back and forth across the Veil...........traversing Celestial Realms, The Underworld........the Flexibility of Hermes, the Alchemy of Thoth!

In a similar way, various Divinities and Archetypes are now taking on human form as well. After all, what better way is there to unite the Multiversal Oneself that allowing its various "parts" to walk awhile in each other's shoes? You may not recognize them, as they step forth through special Energy Gates, opening now around the world, but they are there! And it is because of the proliferation of this special process, during this important time, that we must speak to you now about that area of your planet which is known as The Middle East.

For many years, this region of Earth has been a hot bed of tension and strife. Many brilliant people have expended untold amounts of energy---trying to achieve a lasting peace in this troubled portion of your world. Let us share with you some ideas that may shed new light upon why things are so turbulent in this place during this period in history.

It is no mere co-incidence that this part of the planet is known as The Holy Land. As a centering point, and origin for many of your planet's mainline religions, The Middle East has become a primary location for the opening of the first of these Multiversal Energy Gates, through which the Ancient and the Shining Ones now regularly come and go! Through these Portals their essences pass, bringing with them a certain Radiance (Intense Energy) bleeding through from the Other Side of the Veil.

The power of this Radiance is profound, creating an acceleration in the energy fields of all who are exposed to it. The effect that it has upon the human nervous system is like the Siren's Song in the mythologies of old. It can drive people crazy, if they are not prepared to rise with it to new levels of love and allowingness.

Please note the convergence of timing between the beginning of strife in the Middle East, and the first appearance of Extraterrestrials, crash-landing upon your planet. Though many universes are using this data to explore story plots of conspiracy and intrigue, we tell you now that there are other, expanded universes wherein this convergence of activity means so much more than war games, played out in cloak and dagger fashion.

The turbulence in The Middle East, though heartbreaking and sad, serves well as a cover for this Divine Exchange of Consciousness that is occurring through these open Gates. Indeed, all areas of the world today, which are sites of continuous uprising---especially those conflicts which appear as "senseless violence"--- have been or are now being infused with incoming Radiance, as designated Energy Gates start to open. The Middle East, Africa, Britain (Ireland), Tibet, Bosnia, China............many places around the globe. The upheavals being experienced in these regions have political overtones, but the real issues are not political. They are Bio-Energetic."


Not only are Energy Gates opening around the world, but the world itself is beginning to conceptually BREAK APART, into a Multiplicity of Earths........each one with it's own specific destination and agenda.  In their transmission about future events, written shortly after September 11, 2001, the Guides had this to say about  Spaceship Earth, and its many holographic fragments: 

"Oneness is not a destination---even though we have often spoken about your impending "return" to it.  In truth, it is an energetic touchstone....a means of equalizing and balancing your polarized consciousness so that it becomes free to depart from a single reality format and journey elsewhere.

In a sense, the Reconnection Universe (the reality in which you have encountered this writing, or similar information), is a bit like Grand Central Station.  You enter it, determine your destination, purchase a ticket, and climb aboard the train that is leaving for your chosen destination. A specific "trip" can be manifest as "a train of thought," "an emotional side-track," or even a period of focused "training" which is designed to prepare you for more expanded existence.   As you can see, we play with words.  But be not deceived.  This "play" is serious business.  Hidden within words you use everyday are portals and gateways that connect entire universes with each other.  Therefore, it behooves any traveler to begin noticing what he has been saying.  Sometimes the thought *is* the thing.

The first step in any Reconnection is willingness to change one's viewpoint. A traveler must be willing to COME IN, off the street, to a new and unusual place in consciousness.  Your first encounter with Oneness may either feel like an indulgence of curiosity, or it may be the result of some traumatic shock that opens the way for a whole new outlook on life.  It does not matter.  The core process is still the same.  A traveler first needs to close the file on his current Limitation mindset so that new viewpoints can be installed.

In lifetimes past, you waited for that experience called "death" before you allowed us to de-program you from the Limitation focus.  But now, within the special "station" that has been constructed for just this purpose, you are allowing us to introduce all of the "bridge concepts" of Reconnection into your thinking while you are still represented in physical form.   The Now Moment is a multidimensional vehicle that can take you anywhere (and anywhen) you wish to go.  It is your seat on a train that takes you deep into the Oneself, and onward to new destinations."  

At one point, I encapsulated the whole business of Multiple Earths into a single phrase: 

"Once upon a time, humanity thought the Earth was flat.  If you tried to explain it differently, people   just shook their heads at you and said you were crazy.   Then, Columbus sailed to find a "New World" for himself.   Presently........... much of humanity thinks of the Earth as one single, objective, "mass reality."   We all live upon it (i.e. we share it), and where that one Earth goes, everyone must ride along.  Spirit now establishes for us that such a concept is every bit as archaic and limited as when we believed that the Earth is flat." 

The rumblings of men and ideas will always be with us.  Where we choose to place our focus is up to each traveler in 3D.  In the article "The World is My Desktop," I considered the idea that MY vision of the world constitutes my own creation of reality.  Where I place my focus determines my own "reservation" for the banquet of life.  Do I wish to eat my meal in a favorite restaurant, or out of tin plate.......sitting in a bunker, in the heart of a war zone?  The choice is mine, though not always at the Ego Level.  Sooner or later, humanity will begin to realize that each of us is far more than our Ego or Personality Self.  Those aspects of self are simply part of the audience, enjoying a show, having forgotten how the story plot ends.  You might call the Ego our "Experiential Self."  And there are other aspects, such as the Designer and Implementer Selves, who direct these movies and act out the story lines.  Many are separated, divided by a Veil.     

One passage from the above article reads: 

"When I turn on the TV, and the newscaster says:  "The world economy is about to  collapse."   My mind begins to spin.  Down one or more of those "tracks," leaving from the Station, it actually does collapse.   In a moment of time, my mind hops a freight car and follows that destination to the end of the line.   Disaster.  Oblivion!  Then, I hop aboard another "train of thought," and I find that I am back at the Station once again, choosing to buy another ticket.    

The World is my desktop.   If I read a book, wherein a certain "prophet" tells me that my entire planet is going to suffer from a global cataclysm or a terrible famine, my heart may skip a beat.  The very fact that I chose to read that book tells me that those issues do have relevance in my limitation itinerary.  But do I wish to have them completely dominate me?   Then......the very next day, CNN features a news story on a region of South America that is being wracked by hunger and drought.  I hear that a meteor has crashed somewhere on the desert of Saudi Arabia.    Hmmmmmm.....interesting synchronicity, that.   

What the prophet told us in that book was, indeed, true and correct.  In the Multiverse, there is a universe that honors every possibility. However, I am also the master of my fate.  I am the captain of my soul.  I am the one who chooses which tickets to buy, at Grand Central Station.  This is true of everyone.  Isn't that a powerful way to live? 

Instead of maximizing those "files" marked  "famine and pestilence" or "the sky is falling"---letting them engulf the screen on my PC---seeing this CNN news story indicates to me that I have decided to create just two small boxes in the lower part of my Desktop, where hunger and disease can be played out.   In alternative universes (ones that are just as "real" as this one) my entire world may be wracked by hunger, or exploding in flames.   But here, in this universe of my perception, hunger and disaster play out only as far as I require, in order to establish those ideas as part of my personal version of All That Is." 


Those people and circumstances, seen in today's news, which appear to be rampant, pitiful, or out of control are like orphaned children, running through the streets of 3D, looking for their home.  If they have attained certain positions of power, they are no less anxious, as they wield said power so they can sustain their imaginary seats of control.  As the "Ascension Vibrations" of Multi-D are surrounding and penetrating them to the core.......they, too, search for their father, their mother, their brothers and sisters.  To the extent that these individuals and situations show up in your perceptual scope, they must be recognized and owned as true aspects of yourself.  Only then can they become "grounded" and calmed about their place in the Whole.  Up to that point, they are only two-dimensional (in regards to you), which perpetuates the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness for all concerned.    

In my article "War or Anti-War," I describe the situation thusly:  

"What we are upset about is NOT what is bothering us!   And it is only a mere shadow of what is going on.  I am not suggesting this in order to deny reality, per se.  What I am denying is this tiny "shell" of reality, stuffed with a lie , being served to us as the cause for what we all feel.  Our planet teeters on the brink of a major paradigm shift.  We're not just talking about a crumbling of the American Dream, or the collapse of financial markets, or even the start of World War III.  It's much bigger than even that.  It borders on a shift so profound, that we just might find Isaac Newton dropping his famous apple, only to find that it "falls" UP this time! 
Such an "adjustment" to our reality is so unthinkable, so unnerving, that most folks wish not to even address it.  We're talking about a total re-arrangement of religion as we know it, the arrival of time/no-time (4D Access and Integration), hard evidence about ETs, as well as documented records of Earth's long-standing dealings with them, instant cures for diseases we thought would dog us for 20 or 30 more years, and Inter-Dimensional Communication and Transport.  And that is just the beginning.  We are not ready to hear it, and most of us are earnestly trying to close our ears to what is coming in to them.  But even that isn't an option.  The vibratory patterns of the planet are so high, that any attempt at denial of the imminence of change could produce the equivalent of a *stroke* in the Mass Mind." 

The Guides have, on many occasions, likened humanity to children, living in a household where divorce is imminent.  The children are acting out, fighting, crying, and moping about---seemingly, for no reason.  But underlying the situation, the imminence of familial change is the real causation for their disturbance.  In a way, these children act out what the adults cannot own or admit---lest they be considered weak, or otherwise unworthy to dispatch their leadership responsibilities. 

Leadership can be OUTSOURCED at any time, if there are beings who can do the job cheaper, easier, and with a more unified and global focus. 

The phrase "One World Government" doesn't refer to some conspiratorial alliance, whereby various factions of humans seize control of a planet, to the dismay of all.  Those blokes still have a hard time getting out Social Security Checks on time!  In the broader sense, it refers to a fragmentation of "worlds," spoken about in the "Grand Central Station" analogy, whereby each creator becomes a "One World Ruler" for the Universe of His or Her Creation." 

Oneness is the highest power there is, because the bank account of energy it represents is truly limitless, and includes ALL ENERGY EVERYWHERE.  Anyone who considers himself ONE with ALL can freely write checks on this account, so long as he is willing to embrace the goals and agendas being set forth by Universal Oneness Energy---particularly as we seek to awaken, ground, and focus each person into his role as Creator for a personal reality. 

This work is quite INDIVIDUAL, but the results are COLLECTIVE.  The "many" exist to serve the ONE, who cannot see all the facets of who and what he/she is without the MIRROR which 3D provides.  The One HOLDS a tone for Oneness while the Many ready themselves for change.  Sometimes the face of the ONE appears to be outside of us, like transmissions from The Reconnections, or other Oneness Based Channels.  Sometimes, we will be the one holding the tone of Oneness, while the rest of the world twists and turns in the turbulence of resistance and unrest. 

I sense there will be another article or transmission coming, which will talk more about how this will specifically be accomplished, in and through us.  In the meantime, your comments and questions are welcome.  The best is yet to come.  As the Recons often say:  "This is not the beginning of the end.  It is the end of a very long (and exhausting) beginning!"   So be it.  Selah.

Copyright, 2006, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.