Excerpts:  From The Reconnections......



"You are Multidimensional Beings, functioning within many life contexts at once.  Oneness is your touchstone, a place of reset and renewal.  You have the ability to make each reality seem like it's own "objective" world.  When you are invested within some frame of consciousness, it almost seems as if that world is All That Is!  This is the gift of physicality, neatly administrated by your ability to hermetically seal each "movie" with an appropriate beginning, middle, and end.  But really, there is no end.  Every story plays on and on, forever!  Each Cosmic Video can be checked out and enjoyed by anyone, anytime.  And they are all YOU--home movies of the Oneself, recording each stage of Our soul's eternal exploration.     

Many there are who would like to dismiss physical reality as mere illusion.  But this is only partially true.  What is seen in physical context is quite real, and it is also eternal.  It just isn't complete, that's all.  The "illusion" of physicality is its implication that what is seen in any reality context is ALL THERE IS that exists in that particular space. It suggests that what is transpiring in front of you is moving toward some end, a "conclusion" that will give meaning to the experience.  But, in the expanded sense, there is no beginning, and there is no end.  There are only individual patches, that are sewn together into a wall-hanging.........tapestries of experience that are placed upon the walls of your mind and heart. You take a piece of reality, and you sew its seams onto another piece. And SO IT SEEMS to be moving and alive.  And for you, it does live!  Do you understand this?      

If the world that you know was a custom-made coat, it would be the stitch work of a Divine Tailor.  If the infinite possibilities of All That Is and All That Could Be were laid out like fine cloth--your eyes and your ears would be as His shears--cutting from that fabric a piece of space and time.

<end excerpt>