Hello, and welcome to the Reconnections Main Site, and the Danielverse!

I am Daniel Jacob (aka Daniel Jacobs), a native of S. California, but currently reside in the Greater Seattle area of Washington State.  I have two sons---Jeffrey, 39, and Joe, 35, and a Grandcat named “Brix”….who is pampered beyond belief, due to his traumatic childhood experiences before being adopted by Joe and Beth.

I spell my surname in two ways, seeking to form a bridge between my father and grandfather---who were at odds during their Earthly Life.  When I write and do Spirit Work, I am Daniel Jacob---in honor of my paternal Grandfather’s spelling, who was a Charismatic Christian Lay Minister.  When I do business in the World of Commerce, I go by Daniel Jacobs, in honor of my Dad who was very adept in a business environment, and was a man of faith---though he had a bit of disdain for organized religion--- insisting that every person’s spiritual journey needs to be personal and private within him/herself.  My own spirit development has become a harmonization of both those primary distinctions.  With a Leo sunsign, I am gregarious and grow most in company with others.  As a Virgo rising, I tend to replenish myself in private, and love my alone times as well.     

For 25 years, I worked as a Bio-Energy and Rehab Bodyworker---owning and operating two Multi-Therapist Clinics on the Eastside of Lake Washington.  My main focus during that time was treating personal injuries, chronic stress, and working with people who were going through intense life transitions. Throughout that career, I built a healthy interface with the Professional Healing Community (M.D.’s, Chiropractors, P.T.’s, Counselors, etc) ---clearly articulating the benefits of Hands-On and Bio-Energy Techniques as bold, innovative modalities for healing and personal wellness.    

In 1991, I opened myself to the Spiritual Process of Conscious Channeling---having encountered a Soul Group of Energies who called themselves “The Reconnections.”  I bought a small laptop computer and began focusing my innate writing talents on bringing through a host of Articles and Transmissions dealing with the New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, Multidimensionality, Planetary and Physical Body Changes, Ascension, Astral Travel, and a number of other subjects.


In 1994, I went online with this information---organizing the Worldwide Transmutation Network in 1995, as well as initiating a web site:  www.reconnections.net, where all this data could be showcased. Shortly thereafter, I began doing online lectures in the Prodigy Astrology and New Age Forums, and I organized “Club Recon” Discussion Forum on the Yahoo System. 

While writing some articles on the topic of Energy Activations, I began spontaneously contacting another Soul Group, who called themselves “The Star Children.”  Shortly thereafter, I wrote a 9 chapter series on these kids, offering my services to www.lightworker.com and www.childrenofthenewearth.com as a contributor of research about this fascinating new breed of kids which are coming onto the planet at this time.  I write about Indigos, Crystal Children, Star Children, and many other subsets of kids.  My strongest connections are with Gens X, Y, and Z…..and in 2003, I recorded a spoken word CD, called “The Star Children”….in collaboration with my good friend Jim Jackson, composer and sound technician extraordinaire. 

I have traveled to many places in our world, sharing the messages of Oneness and Multi-D with those who showed interest.  Being half-Irish and half-English, I obviously enjoy the British Isles….and have visited England, Ireland, and Scotland more than once. I’ve also enjoyed France, Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong (before the British turned it back over to the Chinese).  I feature pictures from some of those events here.  It’s great fun when I get out and hang with my Reconnections Community---especially when I get to work together with Star Kids and other young folks.

For me, channeling has been about building contact with the REST of MYSELF.....especially the parts that were laid aside when I came into human form.  I never considered the Reconnections to be "other" than me, even when their immediate presence made me feel a bit strange.  I simply recognized that I was exercising "muscles" in my soul that hadn't been used in a long, long time.  When they first approached me, they kept reiterating:  "You are so much more than you think you are."  Though, in the beginning, I used a traditional "channeling mode" when I brought them through--complete with vocal affect and gestures---I am far more comfortable sharing the information AS MYSELF, from MYSELF......because that's who they are.  That's who they've always been.   

Leading a meditation in Gastonbury, S. England (left), at Stonehenge with Sandi Sedgbeer Editor of Planetlightworker and Children of the New Earth Magazines

As I was slowly retiring from Bodywork in 2009-2010, a friend opened an opportunity for me to train and begin working as a Consultant in Health Insurance---assisting individuals, families, businesses, and (particularly) Medicaid Eligible people to obtain Health Care at affordable rates.  During these last few years, I have felt myself to be on the cutting edge of Health Care Reform---getting a clear view of both the Corporate and Individual viewpoints on the U.S. Health Care System.  As Washington State works steadily towards implementing the full stature of the U.S. Affordable Care Act, I’m attending and participating in weekly meetings, designed to organize and prepare Washington residents for January, 2014.  I love my clients, and am happy to be of service to them as they seek to get the uttermost of what this new philosophy has to offer. 

It's been quite a ride so far.  And it shows no signs of letting up. Nor do I. Whether I'm busy working in the World of Commerce and Health Care, or I am channeling information from Inter-dimensional Guides and Teachers, I do my best to give absolute attention to following those Three Previous Commitments: Stay Free, Stay in the Now, and Follow the Energy.  So far, things seem to be working for me pretty well.  I love that you are here, and I hope you will leave some of yourself behind, that you may also be including in this Grand Ascension Celebration. Live long and prosper! 

"What is needed, during this powerful time, is for humankind to let go of pre-existing concepts of what this new world will be, or what all of this is going to look like.  There are no "veterans" or "professionals" for where humanity is now going.  Even though you have made several ragged attempts at achieving what it is you are now seeking in your society, the peoples of the Earth have never come close to where it is you are heading now.  You need to go forth into this blinding energy as babes..........playmates in a sandbox of reformation and expansion.   You must love each other and your planet unconditionally...............as true reflections of self.  Only in this is the hope of ascension for your world, and infinite expansion for your species!

~The Reconnections   


"... how fortunate are you and i, whose home is timelessness:  We who have wandered down from fragrant mountains of eternal now, to frolic in such mysteries as birth and death a day (or maybe even less)"

e.e. cummings


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